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Why Is Project Logistics So Important?

For a company that has an ongoing project at a location far away from the home turf, it is important to ensure that everything required for the project reaches there in time. Even though logistics management covers this requirement, you have to understand that every project is unique and is based out of a different location. So, you will need to have a separate supply chain in place that will cater to the requirements of that particular project.

We all know that logistics management is a part of supply chain management and encompasses the planning, implementation and movement of goods and services from the point of origin to the end user. But when it comes to project logistics, you need to dive deep and look after every element that contributes to a project’s success, including transportation, manpower management and proper documentation.

Consider a scenario where your company has an ongoing project in Australia. The shipment for this project has to make a journey from South Africa to China, before making their final landing in Australia. Now, it is important for the shipment to follow this route without any delay because if the shipment reaches too early, you will have to pay storage charges. Furthermore, if the shipment doesn’t reach on time, your project can get delayed significantly. The different custom regulations of every country also prove to be a headache for your organization and you need to understand them thoroughly before going forward with your shipment. Because of these reasons, understanding project logistics is so important for a business.

Project logistics involves setting up of complex supply chains that look after everything concerning the logistics of your construction or building project. It includes –

1. Management of Shipment – This includes getting the shipment ready for delivery, arranging transport for the same through air, sea or land. In case your project requires multi-regional transport, then you need to have everything planned in advance to avoid any delay in your shipments.

2. Management of Storage – We all know that warehousing is an essential part of any logistics chain and a lot of money is involved in this process. As mentioned earlier, in case your shipment reaches early at a certain location, you have to bear the exuberant costs of storing your shipment at a warehouse. This can be avoided with proper planning and management.

3. Paperwork – For shipments that are delivered globally, it is imperative to have precise documentation to avoid any sort of delay. Documents related to insurance, import and export along with customs clearance is something that needs proper management and expertise to ensure a flawless delivery.

4. Tracking of Shipment – Building projects overseas can be expensive and hence you need to keep a track of everything associated with the project, including the shipment. At any point of time, you must know the exact location of your shipment to maintain transparency and to ensure quick decision making in case of emergency.

5. Manpower Management - You need to have qualified professionals working at your project site in order to make your project a success. In case your site is away from the developed areas, you need to procure the required workforce in advance and keep a backup team ready just in case. Project logistics deals with the supply and well-being of the necessary personnel for the project.

A well-experienced project manager can sort all these things for you. It’s the job of this individual to make sure that your project gets everything it needs on time, be it in the form of shipment, manpower or even finance. Project logistics management is a complex concept that is vital for a company’s success. It is more than just the uninterrupted movement of goods, and hence needs to be implemented with absolute precision.
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